Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Craft Fairs so far

Here are our Craft Fairs for the coming year.

13 and 14 March Letham Spring Craft Fair in Letham Village Hall

10 and 11 July Glamis Castle Transport Extravaganza

6 and 7 Nov Christmas Craft Fair in Reid Hall, Forfar

14 Nov Christmas Craft Fair in Pert Concert Hall

A summer craft fair is also planned for St Andrews.....details soon.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Yours truly - has been

It is good to report that the House of Dun Christmas Craft Fair was a roaring success despite the weather. So much so, that an Easter Craft Fair is now being planned for Sunday 4 and Monday 5 April featuring an Easter Bunny Trail. I wonder who the Easter Bunny will be? Suggestions please!

I shall furnish you with details of other up and coming ACA Craft Fairs as soon as they are confirmed.

On the Enterprise 'link' front, the magical Tessa Mendez was invited to judge a hat competition at Arbroath High School, the fabulous Janet Mcfarlane was in contact with Birkhill Primary School about Christmas crafts, and yours truly has been asked to present a number of workshops at a Kirriemuir Primary Schools Cluster careers day in March. ACA is in demand. 'Has been' can just about be read two ways.

Our Christmas tree is up but the lights are scattered around the floor. As usual none work. It seems to me that every year we buy new lights. Maybe we should just bin the lot every year instead of storing in the loft to be binned the following year. I'm sure this could be applied to many things. Like electrical tape, tweezers, sticky labels, reading glasses, all of which I spend days of my life looking for. I also lose the cats now and again. The thing about cats tho' is, they're never lost.

Through the lovely Cheryl, I met up with thrill seekers Suzy and Kay this week. They're off to Antartica (sic) in February, and having just bought new DSLRs, wanted some tips on how to use them. I advised them to keep the dial on 'auto' and sit near the window in the saloon bar. Advice and life can be simple at times. They were an engaging and enthusiastic pair and I look forward to their slideshows of penguins and icebergs.

Enjoy your Christmas.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


The ACA Christmas Craft Fair in Perth Concert Hall last Sunday attracted more than three and a half thousand customers to over fifty stalls. Brisk trading was evident throughout and everyone was happy. Can't ask for much more than that then can we? These two splendid Elves enticed the public into the hall with fliers, a certain je ne sais quoi, and a fine pair of tights. It was good of Santa to allow them out for the day at what must be a busy time for him.
PS It is unfortunate Steve that you cropped the photo and left half the sign in. I think your eye must have been too much on the Elves. The Elves have now left the building.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

'Aye, it's a cold day.'

Was it ever light today? Energy levels were also low in the old stable block. Eleven brave souls ventured up to the HoD CofA Emporium and two purchased. Walter will be well pleased and Janet just a little. So it was worthwhile to while away part of my life at the counter of potential delight. Visits from Morag and Ian brightened the day and Bernard popped in to say he was moving his shop into town. Good luck to Bernard with his venture. I did enjoy Cafe Dun's soup which was delivered on a tray. I really needed something to heat me up. I mentioned to one customer how cold it felt. 'Well, it is November,' he replied brusquely. What's happened to the art of weather conversation?

So, how did things go in Perth crafterchums?

Does anyone read this?

Good wishes to all who are participating in the Christmas Craft Fair at Perth Concert Hall later to'mo'. On the eve of this grand event I feel a little sad that I have opted out. Nevermind I shall man the shop at House of Dun and sparkle for the few who will visit. If it's a day like today I'll be on my ownsome.
It was good to see a mention for us on STV on Friday. I agree Joan that it was 'fleeting' but hey, as they say, it was 'quality' fleeting.

Tonight's soundtrack has been the Foo Fighters.

Does anyone read this?

Monday, 16 November 2009

Bah humbug the next Fair is........

The ACA's next Christmas Craft Fair is at Perth Concert Hall this Sunday, 22 November, between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm, when over fifty crafters from all over the UK will be in attendance. Sad to say I will not be there for the fun. I will be manning the shop at House of Dun, which is open every weekend up until Christmas. Furthermore, there will be no Christmas music playing in the shop this Sunday! Maybe one of the Irregulars and followers of this Blog will post a report on the Perth 'gig'.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kingennie Reflection

I used to define success as scoring from a corner.
Nowadays, I'm a little more circumspect although still slightly confused about most things. On Friday, I thought that the point of having a stall at a Craft Fair was to make a few bob and gleefully count the takings at the end of the day. It's now Sunday and I think I'm a wiser man. The 'takings' at Kingennie over the two days would just about cover a Tikka Massala, Korma, Lamb Bhuna and a coupla Nans from the Indian Cottage, so no sign of a yacht on the horizon there. However, I am a richer man for the time spent with some special people in a superb setting(the light over the 'dub' was stunning). The vibe from working alongside the ACA Irregulars is priceless and it's a pleasure to spend time among them. They know who they are so no naming names but I will mention some new crafterchums who added to the mix. There was Mandy from 'Snugglefluff Angels' Snugglefluff Angels Diana with her stylish silver jewellery diana king jewellery Roy and Pat of 'Gallowglass'Gallowglass and the good folks from Roslin and 'Heatherbelle'.
Now at this point, the wonderful Agnes will be wondering why she hasn't had a mention. Well here it is. Agnes and Mo of 'Cobweb Crafts' were our neighbours over the two days and finer neighbours would be hard to find. It's amazing how well you can get to know folk very quickly. I reckon it's the 'Blink' factor..... you just know. Agnes and Mo were great fun and easy to hang out with and we hope to see them again sometime. It was good to meet Mo's Mum and Dad too! Behind me, Linda kept me in order and was good company on the Saturday despite her queasiness. Her substitute, Kirsty, did a sterling job on the Sunday and I enjoyed our session of 'blue sky thinking' and our mutual dislike of Christmas music.

Hopefully these new crafterchums will continue their association with ACA and soon become fully fledged 'ACA Irregulars'. My apologies again to Bertie for describing her Saturday dress sense as 'drab' but compared to the blast of colour which was the Fabulous Ms Tessa Mendes, it was. Now, Sunday was a different matter........ and a different outfit. Young Bertie Girl was all shimmering and sparkling and I post a photo to prove it. I think everyone benefited from your Sunday effort Bert.

Many thanks to all!